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IBM MAINFRAME Automation Using PYTHON Automate Your Regular Jobs Using Python By Dr. RamGokul M Around 2016, when I was supporting IBM mainframe application, I wrote a VB Script tool which is used to send commands to the mainframe and receive responses back via the PC 3270 terminal emulator. This tool helped us to automate repetitive keyboard entries by pretending to be an interactive user who extracts and updates information… Read More »IBM MAINFRAME Automation USING PYTHON

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Master DeepFake in Just 5 Minutes

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DEEP FAKES In Just FIVE Minutes Create Deepfakes in five minutes with First Order Model Method By Dr. RamGokul M Deepfakes have entered mainstream culture. These realistic-looking fake videos, in which it seems that someone is doing and/or saying something even though they didn’t, went viral a couple of years ago. Today, even if you see a video of some celebrity or politician saying something in a video, you will… Read More »Master DeepFake in Just 5 Minutes