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Dr.RamGokul M, B.Tech(Computer Science), MBA(E Business), Doctorate(Management Service), PGPCC(Cloud) with 10 Years of Software Development experience across various software technologies and expertise in UK Annuity Insurance domain.

Expertise in Computer Vision, Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing, developed personalised Chatbots for various clients. Specialized in Python for Data Science across the area of Data Analysis and Data Visualisation. Developed projects using the Machine Learning algorithms like Classification, Regression, Clustering, Dimensional Reduction.

Microsoft Certified – Azure Solutions Architect – Expert.
AWS Certified – AWS Solutions Architect – Associate.

My recent addiction is Flutter mobile apps development using ML concepts. Developed 50+ websites which are live, active and stylish. Experience in complete WordPress development and hosting. Other skills include RPA, VB.Net, Java, Dart, Data analysis in MS-Excel and Cobol programming in IBM and UniSys Mainframe systems.

Apart from technology I am a writer, frequent traveler with a DSLR and a Spiritual-Technology explorer. 

"If your only aspiration is to master one thing & one thing only, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage in Current day and age"


My Focus.

My current workflow and focus is mainly on the below areas.
AI & ML - Python

AI & ML requires continuous data processing and Python’s libraries let you access, handle and transform data.

Flutter Mobile Apps

Flutter is Google's offering to the developers for easy cross platform app development. You can code once and compile for multiple platforms.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress is the simplest, most popular way to create a website or a blog. In fact, WordPress powers over 33% of the total websites on the Internet.

Content Writing

I mostly create content for the Websites. The contents created include sales copy, e-books, podcasts and text for graphics.


My system.

I'm programmed to live the below way and this is me.

My Digital Certifications.

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Explore My World.

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Technology is one of my passion and I enjoy nothing more than learning the technology trends that is taking  over our world. Being one dimensional is boring and I always keep exploring and working on wider concepts.

WordPress Hosting

I have developed 50+ website and hosted it with advanced SEO techniques. Using WP you not only get complete control over your site, but also great advantages like plugins, themes, free tools, and full media support.


Content Writing

I think without Passion, pursuing content writing is a mistake. SEO is an important factor in getting eyeballs on any content piece. Though not all content is aimed at hacking SEO rankings, a lot of it is.


Travel Blog & Channel

One of the impediments to finding one’s passion is a lack of exposure to things to be passionate about. Travel has a way of expanding your horizons. Travel opens you up to the world, and this can remind you of all of the possibilities out there.

Spiritual Technology

Spiritual Technology is a relatively new field in which technological innovations are being created to enable individuals to advance more rapidly in their spiritual development. Progressing with a research to match the tools in Indian vedic scriptures with the technologies that are available today.

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Since I know RamGokul personally,  I requested him to create content for my travel startup website, though my expectation was not so high, I was really amazed with the outcome of the product and I got few more ideas to enhance the scope of the business and I can guarantee you that he is very well experienced in E-Business  domain. I am still working with him hope he will help me in building a successful platform for my business.


Founder, theindiantours.in


My Blog.

Check my latest articles across the top five categories here works.

Welcome to My blog

I am still developing this section, I will try to filter out the various categories separately for the ease of readers to go through it.

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